Top 5 Forgotten Playstation 2 Exclusives

Top 5 Forgotten Playstation 2 Games

The Playstation 2 is one of the greatest games consoles of all time. The amount of franchises that were launched or made better on this system is just amazing. Actually the sheer amount of games in the Playstation 2 library is just incredible. There was so many games released for the Playstation 2 that some of the exclusive games on the system have been forgotten about. Well today I am looking at my Top 5 Forgotten Playstation Exclusives!

5. Herdy Gerdy

Herdy Gerdy PS2
Herdy Gerdy

A huge deal was made about how amazing, Herdy Gerdy looked when it was released back in 2002. Some publications went as far to say it looked as good as an animated movie! This was a fun puzzle/adventure game set in a weird world where you play as a kid called Gerdy. Your old man has been placed under a spell and wont wake up….. which will make him miss the herding competition. It is up to you to save him by figuring out puzzles, herding animals and putting a stop to the evil that is ruling their home. This was one of the first “huge” releases for the Playstation 2 and while it may not have aged all that gracefully, Herdy Gerdy is still a fun game and one that seems to have been well and truly forgotten.

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4. Fire Fighter F.D 18

Fire Fighter F.D 18
Fire Fighter F.D 18

Seen by many as video game version of the movie Backdraft, Konami’s Fire Fighter F.D 18 was just such an epic game that was great looking, had an awesome story and was different from anything else that was on the market back in 2004! This was a 3rdperson action game where playing as a fire fighter who needs to put a stop to the fires being started over the city armed with your axe, hose and wits you try to save the city. You need to clear areas of debris, save people and put out the fires, you do this against the clock and it can be a very exciting/stressful experience. This was an incredible game and one that seems to be creeping up in price these days (well here in the UK anyway) so I recommend jumping on this now.

3. Primal

Primal PS2

Released in 2003, Primal was a pretty big deal and had quite a lot of hype behind it. Primal is a 3rd person action/platform game where you play as a young woman called Jennifer Tate who must enter demon realms in order to save her boyfriend. Jennifer’s back story, her demonic side and the whole world that the game is set in is incredible. Game play wise, Primal was a very well made game it controlled well had a pretty awesome combat engine and in general was just a lot of fun to play. In a just world, Jennifer Tate would be a gaming icon and every bit as loved as Lara Croft!

2. Ghosthunter


Another Playstation 2 exclusive game released in 2003 was, Ghosthunter which was a criminally under rated and fun, 3rd person shooter that was developed by Sony’s Cambridge Studio. You play as a rookie cop who accidently unleashes a whole load of evil spirits. Your partner is taken by the evil entities and now you need to kick some ghost ass to get her back. Ghosthunter had all the makings of a game that could have turned into a fun franchise, but for whatever reason, Sony have never gone back to this, come on Sony you need all the exclusives you can get and I am sure a new Ghosthunter game would be a lot of fun. This is one of my favorite games on the Playstation 2 and it sucks it never made a bigger impact.

1. Onimusha Series

Onimusha Series
Onimusha Series

Ok yes, Onimusha 1 did get a port on the original Xbox, but that was the only game that was multi-platform,  holy crap this was a huge freaking series on the Playstation 2! This is a series that has four main games and two spin offs all on Playstation 2! Why did Capcom and Sony never bring this to Playstation 3? Onimusha was a hack and slash action series that had sky high production values and was in many ways like playing through a series of over the top action movies. Onimusha 3 was the high point of the series if you ask me. Most of the games were very well received and sold well so why the series just died I have no idea. I really do not get how a game goes from having six games on one console to zero on the next one! Hopefully Capcom can get back to work and reboot the Onimusha series on Playstation 4. Hell I would happily take a “HD Collection” of all the Playstation 2 games.