Spiderman PS4: Where’s My Raimi Suit?!

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Will the Raimi suit be in the game?

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Controversy unfolds has the new Spider-man PS4, developed by Insomniac Games, shows much promise, but no Raimi Suit. What does this mean for the future of the game?

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Many gamers are out there are hyped for the newest -man game but are equally disappointed. Recently a leak was posted on the internet showing all the suits that would be in the main game. Although the list was very promising, filled with different comic suits and others that are Insomniac-created.  But no Raimi suit could be found, and by many gamer’s standards, it is the game changer.


The Raimi suit, or the suit in the Toby McGuire version of Spider-man is revered by many as a classic piece of Spider-man history. to not include it as a part of the new game is viewed as almost a cardinal sin, as fans have threatened to cancel their pre-orders.


This fan back lash has torn the community apart as well as some view the classic suit as unnecessary to the game’s success. on the other hand though, die hard Raimi fans may not accept the game should the suit not be installed.

Silver Lining

on August 28th, Insomniac Games released a tweet teasing the arrival of the Raimi suit later in the DLC expansion: City That Never Sleeps. This leads the fans to further speculate that the suit will be in the game.

it seems like Insomniac genuinely wants to make the arrival of this new suit something special. The initial date of the DLC launch is set on October 23rd which also marks the 59th birthday of Sam Raimi himself.

Insomniac definitely knows the importance the suit holds among its fans. That being said I have no doubt that Insomniac will pull it together as they have  with the gameplay they have shown us.

More Than Amazing

The suit is much more than a cosmetic to most people. to them it is a symbol of the golden age of Spider-man. A Spider-man who was just that, but also Peter Parker. Insomniac’s realization of this duality ensures that Spider-man PS4 will be the best Spider-man to date. And what better way to dress it than by adding the suit that started it all.

Until then, “Be Greater.”


Should it matter if the Raimi suit is put in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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