Spider-Man PS4 A Breath Of Fresh Air, Update Review


With the webslingers new game just having been announced (Spider-Man PS4, September 7, 2018) , and new gameplay footage revealing an extensive look into the game, lets take a quick recap on what we know.

Here are some notable points brought to you from game informer from their interview with creative director Bryan Intihar.

  • The game will look and run a little better on PS4 Pro
  • But it’s locked at 30 FPS on both systems
  • Mary Jane is a playable character, and she will “surprise a lot of people.” At this point in the story, she knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.
  • The game’s open world is “several times” bigger than that of Insomniac’s last big game, Sunset Overdrive.
  • Will there be microtransactions? “Hell no.”
  • Will we see Uncle Ben’s death? “Hell no.”
  • DLC is planned for after launch.
  • There is a crafting system.
  • You can take selfies with civilians and high-five them.

Spideys New Costumes


Related image

The official release trailer showed spideys pre-order bonuses. Among these are three alternate versions of the Spider-Man Suit, one of which is the spider punk suit.  The Spider-Punk Suit is going to be a fan favorite.  With A ripped jean vest, a studded black belt, red converse shoes, and a complimentary mohawk.

Image result for spiderman ps4 Noir

Making yet another appearance in a spider man game fans will be sure to welcome the beloved Noir Costume, with Spideys vintage black getup, this costume reeks of stealth. It is even hinted that each variation of spider mans suit will carry a unique set of skills.  We might even expect to see the iron spider costume, with the newest Marvel film showing the web-head wearing that suit in particular. Exciting!

Stay tuned for more news and update information regarding games of 2018




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