Spider-Man Ps4: Swinging compared to Spider-Man 2


For more than a decade, the web swinging in Spider-Man 2 has been the gold standard for web swinging in Spider-Man games. Does Spider-Man Ps4 fall short, equal or prove to be better than Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man 2, on the Ps2, the swinging is heavily momentum based and really ahead of its time for the way it handled web swinging around New York. Sound and effects clearly expressed a sense of speed and urgency as you race across the city.

you are able to web zip, do tricks in the air which also double as dodge techniques, and wall run, so long as there is enough speed to carry you up a building.

one of the downfalls that is hard to even call a down fall is the fall damage. Falling from a building that is too high and landing will result in player death or injury, which kept a sense of realism and caution while traversing the vast urban jungle.

Spider-Man Ps4

The web swinging in Spider-Man Ps4 is also momentum based, but more animated to give the stylized feeling a veteran Spider-Man would have. This does not hinder the swinging as much as The Amazing Spider-Man series which completely over stylized the swinging to a point where there was no freedom or real control.

Spider-Man Ps4 is more balanced in that way, especially with the addition of aerial tricks that give the player small xp boosts and a sense of style while giving control to the player.

Spider-Man Ps4 handles transitions very well. going from swinging to wall running and then back again is seamless as can be and keeps the flow going. being a creative web swinger is rewarding as you are not only prompted to web-swing, but to leap from perch points, wall run, perform quick recoveries, and trick your way into a swing style that ultimately suits the player.

What do you think?

Spider-Man Ps4 has definitely gone in the right direction with its webs winging, making it more interactive and immersive for the player, while not making it over stylized and lacking in control. it is a very close call between Spider-Man ps4 and Spider-Man 2 though but i think there is a good enough chance that it is slightly better, due to its potential to be more unique to whoever plays it.

Which game do you think has better swinging?


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