Spider-Man Ps4 SEQUEL?! |Taking a Look at Possible Villains

What can we expect from a new Spider-Man game?

Spider-Man Ps4 has been one of the greatest Spider-Man Experiences in a long time. It pushed the limits of what we can expect for super hero games in general. however, is there still more that we can expect from Insomniacs Spider-Man series?

Ending Credit Scenes (Spoiler)

Being a part of Marvel’s awesome universe, Spider-Man had two very interesting end credits scenes possibly verifying a sequel.

In one Scene Miles reveals his new-found powers to Peter who then reveals his powers to Miles. the scene ends with the both hanging from the ceiling.

This may hint at a future multiplayer co-op feature in Spider-Man 2 which I think will definitely be welcomed. But the addition of another spidey protagonist can only mean that the story will be even more epic than the last. A story that requires two Spidies and a hard-headed Mary Jane can only mean that the plot will be even more heart wrenching than its predecessor.

In the Second End Credit Scene, we are met with a distraught Norman Osborn, wrought with failure at the loss of his mayoral status and public appearance. But another problem ails him more. His son, Harry Osborn, thought to be in Europe on a vacation trip, has been hidden away inside the Osborn Penthouse where he is getting treatment for the same disease that killed his mother.

In the scene, we see Harry in a chamber of green glowing fluid  surround by black web-like tendrils. Norman views his son as the green glow from the chamber is reflected off of him.

“We’ll keep trying”



Possible Villains

Spider-Man Ps4 had a nice roster of some of the best villains the spidey-verse has to offer. Ranging from Tombstone and his gang of bikers to Doctor Octopus and the Sinister Six, Insomniac really knows how to add characters who will stand out.

With the New expansion for Spider-Man Ps4 coming out in the coming months, we have yet to see the other villains that will be in the game, but two villains may be confirmed.

Green Goblin may be the next villain in the new game

Green Goblin

Norman seems to be at the end of his rope. Having resigned from his position as mayor and his public reputation being shattered, Norman is unshackled.

The green glow becomes ever stronger as he gets closer to the chamber, signifying his connection to his son  and the lengths he will go to in order to make sure his son is cured.

In a sequel, we may see Norman go to the most extreme lengths, maybe testing a new possible cure on himself that inevitably turns him into the famed Green Goblin.


In Spider-Man Ps4, there has been no sign or discussion of a symbiote suit.

Why is that?

possibly due to the fact that Insomniac is planning something big for the symbiote suit and Venom in a later release. The black tendrils surround Harry in the chamber staunchly appear to be that of a symbiote. some kind of metamorphosis or binding appears to either be catalyzed or prevented by the fluids of the chamber Harry is held in.

Venom being one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, if Harry were to dawn the Venom symbiote it would not only be a battle of enemies, but of best friends.

As we have seen the extent Insomniac will go to in order to  provide serious consequences for our protagonist, seeing Harry as Venom would create such a consequence.

The relationship between Peter and Miles may collide with the relationship between Peter and Harry making for a plot that holds tons of emotional weight and conflict.


But lets not get carried away. there is so much more in store for us in the coming months with the new expansion: City that Never Sleeps coming out.

But until then, Be Greater.


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