Why Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Should Not Have an Easy Mode

Sekiro Should not have an easy mode. Here is why.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, by From Software has been out for about a month now, and let me tell you: what GREAT game! A telling story, great combat mechanics, and amazing graphics merge in one to create an overwhelmingly great game.

Even though the game has experienced some great reviews, there have been many players out there bashing it. Apparently, the game is too hard for these players. And many of them claim to be veteran souls fans, having beaten Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 along with Bloodborne. And yet here we find these people, knowing full well the struggles that come with playing souls-like games, calling for an easy mode.

No Easy Mode = Disrespect

Now I will be sourcing a probably well known article on this topic from Forbes. The author claims that somehow, by not adding an easy mode, From Software has disrespected its player base by making the fruits of the game less accessible to more casual players.

The inconsistency of a claim like that, when there are so many who agree, that have claimed to love the past Souls games, is almost immeasurable. But there is a simple, I find that would cause these people to want an Easy Mode in Sekiro.

No Phantoms = Get Gud

Now I love the Darks Souls to, and I will admit that I found myself desperate to find a full team of phantoms to take out bosses, especially with Nameless King. I simply couldn’t find the patience within me to try and beat these bosses alone, until my 8th NG+.

My point is, the Souls series didn’t have an easy mode, but phantoms definitely made boss battles a heck of a lot easier. And this is my main speculation on why these veteran souls fans are desperate for an easy mode. They lost their handicap. And all that is left is to git gud or cry for an easy mode.

Sekiro Isn’t Easy

Sekiro Is NOT an easy game. But after play the Souls Series, along with Bloodborne, I really don’t see how it is much harder than them.

The combat and traversal systems allow for more diverse gameplay, and the lack of any form of stamina meter means that hit and run cheese methods are basically open to any boss you face. There are skills that are specifically suited to defend against certain attacks. The only real difficulty in boss battles is learning the combos of the bosses.

Sure some of them require specific materials, like Headless and shichimen warrior who require Divine Confetti and Pacifying Agent to defeat. But once you have these items, their difficulty scales down quite significantly.

There is a PC “Easy Mode”

As much as I would like to say it is not true, it is. But not in the way I thought it would be, and definitely not by From Software. The actual mod for the easy mode simply slows down or speeds up the movements of the environment and/or the player. To be honest it sounds like a fun way to play the game. But as a way to play the game seriously, it definitely misses the ball.

It is more of a glorified easy mode and nothing to really take seriously from what I have seen.

Edit: Looks like there is an easy mode after all. Click here

Sekiro is a great game the way it is. Its difficulty only makes beating it that much sweeter. Essentially the difficulty is a part of the story, just like in all of the Souls games. I mean hey its not like we are out there tapping to grow rescources, or pressing F to pay respects; we are literally changing the balance of the world in these games. Defeat is not an option in a world that wants you to either git gud or be defeated.