Read Dead Online: Top Five Things Players Must Have

What Will Red Dead Online hold for its players?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out in about 2 weeks now and from what we know, it looks like its going to be one of the greatest games of the year. However, the same cannot be said for its counterpart, Red Dead Online. Although there is lot of speculation on what Red Dead Online will be like for its players, it is shrouded in Mystery. So as a result, here are  Top 5 Things Players Must have in Red Dead Online.

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Devoted Role-Play

We have seen what Rockstar can do in a modern city with GTA Online. The plethora of vehicles and possible occupations created a world dominated by CEOs and Motorcycle gang leaders. Now don’t get me wrong, No one loves getting chased by the cops for hours on end more than I do. However, if breaking the law or acting dishonorable was somehow a role based on player behavior, the game would feel more personalized and PvP oriented. Red Dead Online would be on a whole other level when it comes to Open world PvP gaming.

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A Story to Tell

Going around the world is fun and all, but can get stale sometimes. It would be nice to see some kind of narrative told in Red Dead Online That doesn’t drive the player narrative, but adds more to the context of the world that players can be immersed in. In GTA V, Rockstar added the Doomsday Heist missions which allowed players to go through a huge story leading up to the Heist to end them all. Adding this to an ever-immersive game like Read Dead Redemption would be a welcome addition to an already vast world.

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Experimental Content

Rockstar is no stranger to adding wacky gamemodes and weapons in their games. GTAO is filled with crazy transforming races and adversary modes. Seeing content like this without completely altering the tone of the game would give a refreshing atmosphere to an otherwise serious game. The game mode, Undead Nightmare could be expanded to include survival amongst multiple players. Red Dead Online would be the perfect place to house content that would otherwise ruin the tone of the story mode.

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Improved Interactions

It would prove to be an egregious task for the Red Dead Online team, but a whole lot of fun for players if Player to NPC interaction was enhanced. Being able to not just scare people with the threat of gunfire, but also to help the poor or having NPC’s react in different ways to player actions would make the game much more immersive. Picture walking into a town with your friends and making the locals so angry the come up in arms to exile you from the city. Now would that not make for excellent game play?

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Creating A life in the West

Life in the West was by no means easy, but the struggle is what made it worth. Adding in mechanics like survival, farming, anything that makes the world feel more alive would just add that extra level of accomplishment. This may be a little far-fetched, but adding in more immersive elements to Red Dead Online would cater to those players who want to become outlaws in the Wild West.

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What the Future Holds

We are all very excited about Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. Even though RDO may be somewhat shrouded in mystery, we can definitely expect a stellar world mixed with stellar gameplay.

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