Ray Tracing (RTX) Technology Changing The Minecraft World

Ray Tracing Minecraft
Ray Tracing Minecraft new Gaming Technology

Mine craft is taking the game to a whole new level; literally, the famous game decision to visually update the game; is now work in progress and the best part it’s even better than what their previous announcement. This new update will make Minecraft another PC game supporting real-time ray tracing.

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The Ray tracing makes the game super realistic by tracing the path of light as pixels on the screen; and it is affected by the visuals it encounters during the game. Allowing all the material in the game to appear differently and less sharp and more live and real.

Credit: Minecraft

For example, gold Blocks are shining instead of plain yellow color, other objects in the game have shadows and reflections. Lava Blocks now glow in the dark and on nearby walls; many more things making the game visuals completely different.

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Off course not anyone can enjoy these new updates; you will need to buy a specific Nvidia RTX graphics card. Considering the technology requires more computing power to generate the pixels. Ray Tracing Support is coming for more games than Minecraft like watchdogs. The Super Duper Graphics Pack Minecraft announced in 2017; which supposedly should bring much more details and effects to the game and 4k support. But not the Graphics Pack is canceled since it is too complicated technically demanding.