NEW PS5 Leaks Reveal AWESOME Design


Sony has been feeding us news about the PS5 like giving a puppy some treats. And the constant teasing of Sony’s upcoming console is sparking a lot of conversation within the gaming community, especially with wild statements like saying the PS5 will challenge the PC gaming industry. As crazy as that sounds, Sony has come out with a new possible design for the PS5.

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While we have been shown by Sony, what the PS5 will be capable of pulling off, we still have yet to see what it may actually look like when it is announced some time next year. A leak, possibly revealing the design is listed below.

As you can see, it could very well resemble a console. And Sony’s tech director, Yusuhiro Ootori has been credited for the design. In this design patent diagram issued by Sony, we can probably reasonably infer that this is what the console will look like. What’s more the patent is categorized as Class 14.02, ” data processing equipment and peripheral equipment,” the same categorization as the PS4.

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Let’s not jump the gun yet folks. The design may resemble a gaming console, and with that “V” at the center, we could easily interpret that as the roman numeral “V,”but we must also consider the possibility of this patent not reaching the light of day. In the commercial world especially, ideas are thought up but never really executed. But that also means we don’t have to completely knock the idea either.