New Game Disintegration Is Much Like Halo, But What More Does It Offer Players?


V1’s new game with president Marcus Lehto, Disintegration was talked about during its Gamescon panel recently. It is a first-person shooter with clear homaged to its predecessor Halo, but has some new and interesting things like the gravcycle, which make this game anything but a copy of the legendary title.

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Halo started as an RTS game, a genre which Lehto has been seeming chasing down for years. However, in the same path Halo took, it looks like it will nhave the same direction of the newly announced Disintegration which will pay homage to some of Lehto’s older projects before his career with Blizzard. But an underlying itch made Lehto turn this game into something more. Players will be able to experience the battle first hand as they command units and reign down fire on enemies using the RTS and FPS mechanics to simulate unique battles.

While it may not be all of what Lehto wants in terms of the dream sci-fi RTS he had been working on which laid the foreground for some of his most epic works, Disintegration looks like it will bring something new to the table for loyal fans and new players alike.