New Code Vein Demo Coming Out This Week


A new Code Vein demo will be out for PS4 players to enjoy for free. As part of the PS Plus bonus for the month of September, along side the two free games of the month, Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III, The new CodeVein demo will give players a taste of what is to come when the game finally releases on September 27th.

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At a 10GB hard drive capacity, the demo will take up minimal space for all you can do in the demo. Suffice to say, this demo will not be like ordinary demos, as Bandai Namco has confirmed what players may be able to experience in the demo. The standard timed or limited gameplay interactions will be replaced by a new taste of the character creation interface, as well as multiplayer and the Town of Sacrifice stage.

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The demo seems like it is also a trial for the company as well, in order for them to correct bugs and get some general feedback from the players. They may be taking a similar course as done with Rockstar in Red Dead Online which spent a better part of 7 months as a demo version of the game.

The demo will also be available via remote play.