Today marks a historic day ladies and gentlemen, as we are witnessed to the glory that has been Square Enix’s release of the New Avengers Trailer Release at E3 2019. While there is no release date set, we can expect great things from this game in terms of story, combat, and graphics.

With our beloved team of heroes, we are taken to a setting in San Fransisco, as the population of America celebrates A-Day(probably a nod to WWII’s D-Day), or Avengers Day. Everything seems fine and dandy until an explosion is heard in the distance, on the Golden Gate Bridge. Naturally, the Avengers respond. Thor and Iron Man take the lead to the explosion site.

New Avengers Trailer

A massive fight takes place on the Bridge, with oddly masked minions. However, it was merely a distraction, leading to the drawing out and destruction of one of shields Heli-carriers, unfortunately, held our favorite boy-in-blue, Captain America. Although he is pronounced dead, can we really be so sure? We will just have to find out.

New Villains Announced in the New Avengers Trailer

Avengers Game

It seems as though our heroes will take on a host of new enemies, probably ranging from each stand-alone hero’s villains. We saw a villain that looked to be in the likeness of Abomination, one of the Hulk’s major villains. Not to mention, we might be seeing an appearance by Hydra. Task master seems to be making an appearance in the New Avengers Game as well.

Avengers Project

It looks like we will be facing off against a whole new host of super-villans.

The setting seems to be focused on a war-torn San Fransisco, as the Avengers try to pull themselves back together from their humiliating loss. Without Captain America, who will lead the Avengers.

The New Avengers Trailer is out now, but we are still waiting on a release date. You can count on Starkfeed to keep you in the loop on all things Avengers!

PS – what character are you repping?

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