Square Enix Releases NEW Info on Avengers Character Skins


The Avengers game by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2020. It will host our most favorite characters from the marvel universe. The starting line-up will be the five we all know and love: Thor, Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. However, they will not be the only heroes we can play as in the game. And from a tweet by Square Enix, The Grey Hulk Skin, among many others will be one way players can customize their characters.

The grey version of hulk is actually in the original design for the hulk, but for printing comics during those times, the grey incredible Hulk would have been incredibly impossible, as the inks would show different colors. So the designers stuck with green, and his signature color has been one of the staples of Marvel comics. What is Marvel without the big green?

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Square Enix has come out to say that there will be many farm-able skins which all players have access to. They will require players to complete unique tasks, although they do not offer anything to gameplay, ability or stat-wise. They are all purely cosmetic. A notion that is generally welcomed in the gaming industry, but one where Square Enix would also give notice that there will be some more unique skins trapped behind a pay wall. It is a fair trade-off, but we will see how this develops in the coming months leading up to the games release. If you are looking to preorder the New Avengers Game click here!