Mortal Kombat Voice Actor Cast Contains More Lead Roles

mortal kombat

Producer James Wan of the Mortal Kombat film franchise reboot has mention that the lead roles have been cast or are nearing a full roster.

Mehcad Brooks as Supergirl who plays Jackson “Jax” Briggs, the daughter equipped with a metal-arm and part of the American Special Forces. Tadanobu Asano From Thor Ragnarok will be taking the rols of the god of thunder as Raiden. Newer cast member Sisi Stringer to play Mileena, a character who equips herself with her trusted sai’s. Ludi Lin from Power Rangers to play the famous Liu Kang, a battle-minded monk.

This cast will likely also see Joe Taslim to is fited to play the role of the classic Sub-Zero. There is no information to tell us the plot of the movie just yet, however, based off of the genre alone we can assume that there will be some sort of fighting tournament , more than likely a god who is pulling strings, and more blood than we can probably stomach as usual.