Marvel’s Spider-Man New DLC Info Causes Controversy in Fanbase

Marvel's Spider-Man New DLC info

Marvel’s Spider-Man has redefined super hero gaming with amazing story-telling and engaging content. However, The new information released on Marvel’s Spider-Man new DLC has caused some mayhem among the player base. With the new expansion set to release next week on October 23rd, players will be able to experience a new story involving Black Cat. New additions to the game like 3 new suits and the new game plus mode are also on the way, with the new suits already being released. Take a look with us as we go over this controversial new Marvel’s Spider-Man New DLC info.

New Suits Dilemma

A lot of controversy has sparked with the new Spidey Suits being added to the game. Many fans of the game have expressed their distaste with suits that are not as spectacular as the base suits in the game. The three new suits are as follows.

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Scarlet Spider

Not to be confused with the Scarlet Spider Outfit already in the game. This suit portrays the Kaine Scarlet Spider, one of the Jackals first clones of Peter Parker before Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider,(the one already in the base game).

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Spider UK

This Spidey comes from Earth 883 during the Spider-Verse. Billy Braddock is his name and he comes with the ability to fly among his normal Spider-hero powers.

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Resilient Suit

This suit is Insomniac created and looks similar to the Velocity suit. The folks over at Insomniac really know how to make awesome looking Spidey Suits.

These suits have been announced with the Marvel’s Spider-Man new DLC expansion, The Heist, though a lot of the Spidey Community was taken aback, possibly due to the lack of a Raimi suit which had been teased earlier when the game was released. I personally think that the suits are a great edition to the game and I cannot wait to see what the suit powers will be like.

New Game Plus

The Long awaited New Game Plus mode finally has a release. Players have been begging for this mode to be added to the game since release. And quite frankly I cant blame them. Along with the new Game PLus mode however, a new difficulty (Nightmare) will be added to give even more challenge to the next playthrough. Information on additional trophies for the new mode have not been elaborated upon, but check back next week as we cover the new, Heist DLC along with the new suits.


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