Marvel Strike Force Hack – IOS & ANDROID

Marvel Strike Force Hack
Marvel Strike Force Hack

Marvel Strike Force Hack – IOS & ANDROID

to get started with marvel strike force hack we’re going to download TutuApp. What is TutuApp? TutuApp is an Apple ID-free and Jailbreak-free app that allows you to get tweaked apps and games. It provides you with countless Apps without jailbreak and logining Apple ID, which keeps you in a safe download circumstance. TutuApp updates App base every day to provide free paid Apps and comprehensive excellent Apps for iOS users. It is fast and convenient When downloading Apps. You do not need to login your Apple ID information, on the other hand, with TutuApp, you can enjoy downloading at high speed.

Download TutuApp:

Once you have Tutu app installed, all you have to do is get on it and download Marvel Strike Force Hack which is already tweaked with in game hacks. There you have it Marvel Strike Force Hack.

What does Marvel Strike Force Hack cover? 

The Hack features:

  • No Skill Cooldown > Linked with enemy
  • Enemy Doesn’t Attack You
  • Only 1 Enemy Wave. Killing the first wave will win the battle.

A terrifying new threat has emerged in the Marvel Universe.

To combat this new enemy, Stan Lee’s house of heroes and villains must join forces. This uneasy alliance is featured prominently in an enjoyable mobile gaming experience – Marvel Strike Force. To conquer this “marvelous” RPG, you’ll need to become well versed in the basics and advanced mechanics its gameplay thrives on. Saving the world isn’t easy. Luckily, you can look to this guide to assist you in a seemingly impossible mission.

Here are some Marvel Strike Force tips & cheats you need to know:

The Path to Victory

When it’s time to head into your next mission, you may be asked to select only Hero characters, villains, or a combination of both. When you get to the “Select Squad” menu, tap on every character in your party to move them to the left side of the screen. That way, you can see who the strongest members are and put them all together for the upcoming battle. By the way, it’s always a wise decision to keep a character in your party who has access to a healing ability. An ideal party lineup would be one Support member, one Protecter, one Blaster, and two Brawlers.

Once you’re in an active battle, take note of who’s facing you. Make sure you read a character’s Ability by tapping and holding onto their ability icon during combat. It’s even possible for some characters to team up with other’s based on their abilities. If you run into a major Hero or Villain at the start, focus all of your attacks on that individual. If you paid attention to the mission briefing and know a major foe arrives after you clear out the first batch of baddies, save your special attacks until he/she arrives.

Marvel Strike Force

• Sometimes, you may enter battles where major characters pop up in different enemy waves. Hit them with everything you’ve got regardless of what order they arrive. If a party member who’s capable of healing you gets closer to death, activate another character’s Taunt ability to make sure all enemy attacks are focused on them for a while. That way, your injured ally has a chance of holding on for much longer and healing everyone.

• Once you beat a mission, you gain the ability to “Auto-Win” that mission. Tap on a character’s gear in order to find the mission that drops their gear, then Auto Win the mission for quick and easier progress.



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