Lenovo Adds Avengers To Their AR Gaming List


Lenovo’s first AR Gaming experience allowed players to take up arms against the Sith and train as the legendary Jedi in the Jedi Challenges game. Players will use a lightsaber and master certain force skills to defeat evil across the galaxy. Well now they have made an Avengers version called Dimension of Heroes.

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The Dimension of Heroes game comes with some updated features like the 2 universe controllers which will take the place of the single lightsaber controller as seen in the Jedi Challenges. They will be similar in design however, containing LEDs at the top to signify that they are on. Aside from a different controller, there is nothing really different about how the AR game is constructed.

While that is true, players may purchase only the controllers if they need them. Otherwise, the game is downloadable from the phone, and players can by the AR headset and controllers together as well.

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In this new game, players will be able to play as Captain Marvel, Thor, Dr. Strange, Star-Lord or Black Panther. Your main mission will be to take down Dormamu. There will also be a co-op feature like in the previous Star Wars game.