Insomniac Games Developer Bought Out By Sony

Insomniac Games

Made in 1994, Insomniac Games has remained independent for 25 years, until today when it was bought by Sony. However, the two have worked closely together producing the last Spider-Man PS4 game, as well as the famed Ratchet and Clank series. Resistance is another one of their titles.

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Insomniac has worked on VR games for the Oculus, which includes the newly arriving game, Stormland. Spider-Man PS4 is currently Insomniac Games’ claim to fame right now as their most successful installment with 13.2 million copies sold according to Sony Press releases. A closer relationship between Sony and Insomniac could prove to be an even better match-up.

This comes after Microsoft’s quest to become a multi-developer company in order to create more Xbox exclusive games. And with the purchase of this great game developer, it is safe to assume we can still expect great things from them, as coming out with PS5 very soon, we can expect a sequel installment for Spider-Man.