Ghost of Tsushima was announced at E3 2018, and with all its amazing scenery, graphics, gameplay, has left players itching to know when they can expect a release/ pre-order date. However, in spite of the leaks hinting that the highly anticipated game will reach retail by August 30th, 2019, there is even more evidence suggesting that the game will not be released until next year in 2020. Here is why we think Ghost of Tsushima will be delayed until late 2020.

The Upcoming PS5

With the PS5 coming in mid 2020, it would make no sense to release a PS4 exclusive so relatively close to its release. Sure, they could make like Rockstar Games and port Ghost of Tsushima to the next-gen console, but unlike Grand Theft Auto V, Ghost of Tsushima does not look like the type of game that will be run for 7+ years.

That being said, I don’t think this claim is backed up by the evidence for it, simply because its speculation. However, the lack of solid evidence supporting the release of Ghost of Tsushima within the year of 2019 supports the notion of its 2020 release.

There’s No Confirmed Release Date

With no confirmed release date for the game, and especially no word from Sucker Punch agreeing or disagreeing with the release date, there is simply no way to solidly tell if the game will come this year or next year. And with almost half the year over, the window for a 2019 release of Ghost of Tsushima is closing rapidly. Not to mention, the Play Station Store is dry of any content related to Ghost of Tsushima.

There has also been no new content released by Sucker Punch. And all the information we have to go on about the game is either in the form of interviews or the E3 Debut of the game in 2018.

I think I would appreciate the game on the next gen PS5 much more. However, we would all benefit from Sucker Punch giving us some idea when to expect the game and what we can expect from it.