Gears 5 Opens Up To LGBT With In Game Content


The Gears of War series has been an Xbox exclusive series known for its unique art style game play and chainsaw rifles. However, with the release of Gears 5, the series will now be known for its strides in the AAA gaming community to be “all-inclusive.” As the continual push for active representation of the LGBT community in games reaches a high point in one of the most legendary series in modern gaming, LGBT players and advocates are taking pride to a whole new level.

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What does Gears 5 give to the LGBT community? Its simple really: a chance to let everyone know that they are. With various banners including various color schemes, the game seeks to improve upon what some think is a lack of representation for LGBT gamers. The different color schemes recognize points on the spectrum for people of different identities.

As discovered by a twitter account by the name of @ashiinu, there seem to be about 20 different banners all themed for the LGBT community. “… I was a bit emotional when I saw this right after I woke up, it’s really cool to see a game I was already excited for do this.”

Many are commending the developers of Gears 5 as they pressure the conventional beliefs of gaming to be more “inclusive” in their representation of LGBT. However, this is not the first attempt at adding LGBT qualities into gaming, and it most certainly is not the last. With new titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Borderlands 3 hitting us soon, they will feature their own LGBT themed content.