Gamers Everywhere Are Rising Against Negative Stigma In Gaming Community


Gaming. For most of us its a fun thing to do after school and work. It is the thing we look forward to after a day of the real world. And those who make their livelihoods out of gaming, whether its voice-acting, motion capture, or development are seemingly at risk of losing their livelihoods to the negative stigma revolving around gaming today.

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As said by Samuel Brown from Mobile, “It is demoralizing.”

Brown is a Youtuber who makes videos for the world to see. His content? sports games.

“For some reason, the media does not like video games, the culture and the scene. They try to use every situation to put a bad connotation on the culture. I don’t see how they can continue to push that with all of the data available.”

The constant media trend of demoralizing video games has sky rocketed with the recent shootings and violent acts in the country. However, with all of the information about the motives of these criminals, gaming is still taking the blame.

“It’s just a scapegoat,” Brown says. “People are scared, and they don’t have immediate answers. They have to say something — they have to blame something. The argument makes sense if you don’t know what you are talking about.”

With the money he made from gaming on youtube, Brown was able to make enough money to buy his dream house and buy his father a Toyota Camry as a token of gratitude.

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While it may seem like only the gamers are saying there is no connection between violence and gaming, the studies say it too. The unbiased ones that is which seem, somehow to reach the media better than the ones that aren’t. Is gaming the catalyst for all these violent crimes, or is bad parenting and poor income neighborhoods without opportunities for kids the problem?