Gaming Insight | Top Five Free Princess Games for Kids in 2018


If your kids love princess games then you have come to the right place. Join us as we take a look at the Top Ten  Free Princess Games for Kids in 2018.Cover art

Princess Makeup Salon

This is one of the best free princess games for girls. Let your daughter enjoy a fun game that encourages creativity and individuality! In Princess Makeup Salon, players will be able to give their princess a complete makeover from head to toe and then have them compete in fashion shows. Kids will love being able to take multiple pictures with different backgrounds as well!

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Princess Coloring Game

This Princess Coloring Game is one of the best reasons to play free princess games. Just pick one picture out of a vast assortment of fairytale images and watch your child have so much fun coloring. There is no shortage of possibilities in this game, but all the potential for fun memories.

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Princess Run Game

Love Endless running games, but looking for a more girly theme. Try Princess Run Game! It is like any endless run game, but you are a princess. choose between different princess from various movies and run in one of the most epic free princess games for kids.

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Princess Juliet Castle Escape

Help Princess Juliet escape from in this awesome free princess game. players in this game are tasked with solving puzzles, sneaking around, and making their way to a successful escape from the evil goblins. This game features great graphics and fun gameplay across multiple age groups for kids. Make sure your daughter feels empowered as she solves puzzles in one of the most challenging free princess games for girls.

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Sweet Princess Prom Night

Its Prom night! Have your little girl immersed in a world of princess and princesses as they scramble to get ready for the big night. Players are sure to feel like royalty as they role play through spas, makeovers, and dress ups!  Have amazing fun in one of the best free princess games for kids!



There are not many free games of princess themes and play-styles. For young kids, though, these games encourage problem solving, creativity, and most importantly, fun.  Here were top five of the best free princess games for kids.