In an era where kids are growing up in a world connected with technology, why fight it? Instead of taking the tablets and phones away, why not make that technology a tool that gives kids fun with. The imagination of a child is a beautiful things, and there are certain games out there that will express their creativity and challenge their minds. Here are the Top 5 games for kids on Android and Apple!

All games are available on both Play Store or Appstore

#1 Minecraft Pocket Edition

games for children

Hands down the single most creative game for kids on the app market right now: Minecraft Pocket Edition. It has come a long way from its beta days, and now allows online play, but the heart of the game is still there: Build!

#2 Bloons Tower Defense 6

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A game that I started playing at a pretty young age, Bloons Tower Defense makes it on this list of best games for kids with its crazy monkey’s, balloons, and mayhem. who said comic mischief was a thing of the past?

#3 Roblox

games for boys

Roblox has quickly become a famous name in the gaming world as the hub for young gamers everywhere. If they aren’t playing Fortnite, they are probably playing Roblox. A good thing too, since Roblox is almost exactly Minecraft!

#4 Barbue Dreamhouse Adventures

games for girls

Who are we to discriminate?! Check out Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, one of the best free games for kids out there, where players can take control and customize the world around them!

#5 LEGO® City

games for kids

If it’s not LEGO®, is it really a game for kids? Last but not least we have LEGO® as our final of the top 5 best games for kids. Play minigames where you have to think outside the box, taking control of helicopters, tractors and boats to win!

This has been the top 5 games for kids! we hope you enjoy and for more great content, read the article below!