Future Consoles May Rival Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft in The Gaming Industry


Modern gaming has sure made its mark on the world. From pc gaming, console gaming, and mobile gaming, anyone can pick up and start playing, anywhere at anytime. But for the console gaming industry, the future bodes many comings that may see new names in the rivalry between the famed Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. What can we expect for the new age of console gaming?

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One of the most note-worthy launches headed our way is the Slightly Mad Studios console called the Mad Box. But that’s not all as there will be some retro re-releases like the new Neo Geo and the Intellivision. Some of these retro revivals will being happening in 2020. SNK confirmed in a tweet that they are currently hard at work on the next NEOGEO console which we can expect to know more information on in 2020.

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They have also stated that the new console will be able to link to the NEOGEO Mini. We have yet to see what the new console will look like. However we can expect that these consoles will be pretty busy as SNK is releasing a new King of Fighters and a brand new Samurai Shodown as well as SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.