Fortnight Founder’s Pack Skins Are Finally Here


Players who purchased the original Save the World mode in Fortnight will finally receive their Founder’s Pack rewards for Battle Royale. Epic games are bringing legendary Warpaint and Rose Team Leader outfits in the v5.1 update. Which is set to release on the one year anniversary of Fortnight. Anyone who purchased any variant of the Save the World mode will receive these new skins. This includes players who bought the mode today and in the future.

The legendary outfits include the Rose Team Leader (left) and Warpaint (right).

Fans are expressing relief that the long-awaited skins are finally being released. People are bothered with the simplicity of the skins. They don’t feel they are enough to justify the purchase of the other mode and the long wait. Others, like founders who played before the Battle Royale mode was even released, are conflicted that anyone can receive these exclusive skins as long as they purchase the Save the World mode before it goes free-to-play sometime in 2018. A new variant of the SMG weapon is coming soon to Fortnite and adds to our increasingly growing list of Fortnite weapons. Be sure to keep an eye on our Birthday Challenges as they go live in Fortnite tomorrow.



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