For Honor Dev Stream : New Hitokiri and Character Reworks

Hitokiri is the newest character in For Honor coming out May 2nd 2019

The folks over at Ubisoft has announced there new character in For Honor and reworks for the Lawbringer and Raider, set to release on May 2nd 2019. And while it has been announced, I thought it would be great to talk about it with you guys.

Hitokiri – Sakura and Yato

First off, one thing I am absolutely adoring about the new characters coming this year is that they have names aside from their hero names. The female version of the new hero is Sakura, while the male version of the Hitokiri is Yato. I think it makes gives the characters, well, some character.

It is the same with the Black Prior’s male and femal versions, being Vortiger and Erzebet. TO add the icing on the cake, both characters have their own backstories. Click the link HERE.

The Hitokiri wields a Great Axe and uses intense strikes along with disorienting kicks to dominate in battle. I have to say I was surprised they let a character that seems like such a tank into the game.

Hitokiri’s move set has a lot of mix ups along with an infinite heavy combo. From what I understand, they can all be soft feinted into either a kick to the face, or a sweeping kick that guarantees one light attack on charged heavy finishers. Below is the Time stamped Warriors Den Live Stream showcasing the new character’s move set.

The kicks and soft feints alone make Hitokiri one of the most versatile heavies in the game. But her feats make here a man-slaying god.

The first feat allows her hyper armor and immunity when performing executions. If that already isnt over powered I don’t know what is.

The second feat tags an enemy, and if that enemy is successfully executed by another player, Hitokiri will also receive a health bonus.

The third feat allows all players to gain health from a successful execution.

And the fourth feat is a 200 dmg flipping strike that is single player targetted and oh so satisfying to land successfully.

I see her quickly becoming one of the best characters in the game for dominion, and breach modes, simply because her hyper armor and strikes are well zoned for to strike multiple opponents. Her ability to disregard opponents in an execution, and healing her allies as well gives her a good level of support as well. She is definitely meant to shine in these group instances.

I think she will be able to hold her own just as well in duels and brawls as well. Her mix up intensive set gives her many options in combat, especially against single opponents. I can see the community be especially salty about this character, especially since she is new. But we will have to see how she is received among the various game modes to really formulate an educated opinion about her.

Hitokiri will be available on May 2nd for year 3 pass holders, and will be available on May 9th for all players. See you on the battlefield!