EA Wins Guinness Record For Most Downvoted Reddit Post After Battlefront II Backlash


It surely wouldn’t be one to put on a fridge to remember fondly… for EA that is. The shady gaming company has finally got it’s comeuppance as Guinness has decided to award EA for its garnering of the most downvotes on a Reddit post. It will be released and confirmed for Guinness 2020.

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Back in 2017, a bit of controversy broke out in the community regarding EA’s use of lootboxes in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II. The community manager at the time released a comment in defense of their shady business schemes that ended up receiving 667,821 downvotes, giving EA the title of most downvotes on a Reddit post.

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A picture of the immortalized post that will now grace Guinness World Records for eternity was found by Reddit user “-amsha-.” The post is so unpopular that it is over 500,000 downvotes in front of the second most downvoted posts which only has about 88,000 downvotes.

Anger of EA’s business schemes, adding lootboxes in games and other questionable things has led the gaming community up in arms about the justification of lootboxes and such in any game. At the core of gaming, there is fun, however, for too long EA has placed a paywall in front of that core. Releasing half-baked games only to be riddled with paid dlc is their biggest offense, and one that seems EA has no intention of stopping.

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However, as EA continues its money laundering spree, gamers and now official companies will be there to stop the mess that EA has put in the gaming community