Destiny 2 Guide | How to escape the Pit of the Haunted Forest

How do you escape the pit?

When players finish the new Haunted Forest event in Destiny 2’s Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost, they’re welcomed by a plunder chest that holds all their well deserved rewards. The problem is, the walkway among players and the chest gives out nearly when their feet contact it, hurling them down to a pit to face off against the unkillable Hive Knight called The Invincible Nightmare.

Rather than getting your plunder, you are met with an unkillable beast. The issue with the pit, however, is that at first become sight, it seems you lose all of what you battled for in the Haunted Forest, and appears as though there’s no real way to achieve the reward chest.

The uplifting news is, regardless of whether you don’t open the chest toward the finish of the Haunted Forest, you get your rewards. They’re sent to the Postmaster.. Once you’ve earned rewards in the Haunted Forest, they’re yours, regardless of what condition you’re left in by the Invincible Nightmare.

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How to Escape


Falling into the pit doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. here’s really arout of the escape. look up about halfway to the other side of the pit and you’ll see a little gap players can jump through.players exit the pit on the side of the bride under which it. Following the pathway allows you to move back up onto the most distant side of the extension and guarantee your loot chest.

You can also bypass the pit entirely, if you’re fast enough . When the stones of the walkway give out underneath you, they’re pulled down but it’s possible to hop free with the Triple Jump of the Hunter class. You can likewise adhere to the side edges of the extension and possibly dodge any dubious cobblestones by and large.

But How do you kill the Nightmare? And if we succeed in killing it, will it really be dead?