Bioware Tease Something Unique for Demo Finale

Anthem is the next big game to come out on February 22!

Following the mixed-reviewed VIP demo that ended last sunday, Bioware tried to reconcile with its players by adding in some new content like skins and javelins for players to enjoy. Though some players may have been left with a bad taste in their mouths, in a recent blog post by Chad Robertson, Bioware’s Head of Live Service, it was advised by players to “stick around for Sunday afternoon; you’ll see a glimpse of some of the cool things we will be doing in the future!”

What Could the Surprise Be?

some players have speculated that this surprise may just be a new teaser hinting at the game’s story. However this seems highly unlikely due to the great lengths Bioware has gone through to prevent any leaks of story content from the demos and the closed alpha that launched in late 2018.

I don’t see a problem with Bioware not wanting to disclose their story mode content. It prevents spoilers, and will help keep the game as fresh as possible when the game launches on Feb. 22.

However, the teaser may be some content from the endgame, which players are still eager to know about.

I don’t think the content will hint at any of this content, rather being something exciting for the players. Since the main goal of the game is to promote the gameplay and its experience, I think the teased content will capitalize on that.

Thankfully, Bioware has done well in keepings players notified on whats going on. They have communicated with players on the many bug fixes they will be working on to be fixed before the public Demo this Friday, and for the official launch in late February.

The attitude Bioware has shown towards the community has been refreshing to say the least, as the many disapointments by EA have let its fans down.

Anthem seems to be an exception, though I could be wrong. But for now, lets just focus on the public demo this Friday.

See you online!