Is Bhad Bhabie’s New App Worth Downloading?


Bhad Bhabie stealing cars again but only this time in her very own mobile game.

Rapper and former Dr. Phil guest, Bhad Bhabie (a.k.a. Danielle “cash me outside howbowdah” Bregoli) would like you to download her brand new mobile game. The game is available for both Android and IOS devices. More specifically, she’d like you to “pick your damn phone and download this, it’s free!” said Bregoli.

In the game, titled “Ride or Die,” users play as Bhad Bhabie jumping on top of cars and trucks, attempting to pick up cash and steal vehicles while weaving out of heavy traffic and evading police. It’s the latest edition to the 16-year-old’s media empire, but is it worth the memory space on your phone?

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