Bethesda sues Warner Bros for Westwrold

Bethesda Sues westworld

Video game company Bethesda sues Warner Bros over its Westworld mobile game. Bethesda Softworks, the company behind the Fallout and Elder Scrolls video game franchises.

Bethesda alleges that Warner Bros. and Westworld game developer Behaviour copied the code from Bethesda’s game Fallout Shelter (via GameSpot).

According to the court documents, Bethesda hired Behaviour to help develop Fallout Shelter in 2014. Years later Warner Bros. hired Behaviour to develop its Westworld game. Bethesda alleges that Behaviour recycled code from Fallout Shelter for the Westworld game. Bethesda claims that Westworld even suffers from the same bugs that appeared in Fallout Shelter.

The games do bear some similarities in gameplay, artwork and other functions. Check out the games side-by-side below.

Bethesda sues Warner Bros

Whether these similarities are because Behaviour worked on both games or due to stolen intellectual property has yet to be determined.


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