Top Five Best Coop Games For Your Squad (2018)

best coop games

2018 is shaping up to be one of the best years for PS4 gaming, with record-setting triple-A games like God of War, Spiderman PS4, and horizon zero dawn all dominating the single player atmosphere. Even though you can spend countless hours playing these games, every once in a while you just want to play with some friends in a coop game. We’re going to provide you with the Top Five Best Coop Games to play with your buddies right now.


5. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

best coop games

If you like shooting massive guns while collecting rewarding loot with your buddies, Borderlands is one of the games for you to check out. This game will challenge you and your friends to strategize and coordinate in order to take down this games giant and formidable bosses. This game will provide your squad with countless good times to look back on.




4. Payday 2

best coop games

Ever feel like robbing a bank? Well, Payday is going to be your bread and butter to feed that craving you have for a heist, how does it get any better? you can rob, shoot, and kill with your friends! This game sets you and your friends up to rob a bank before the cops get to involved. Payday 2 will have you and your friends watching every corner of the building not to mention each other’s backs, all in the name of getting filthy rich.



3. Warframe

best coop games

A very populated game, Warframe can be described as a space ninja simulator. You have all the style lethality, and finesse of a combat expert, and you can use these superhuman abilities to kill aliens around the galaxy. This game will have you and your friends cartwheeling off of the ceiling and bouncing off of walls all the while emptying your clips, or swinging your blades to take down the games tough bosses. If you really want to have some badass fun this is the game for you to check out.



2. CoD WW2 Zombies

best coop games

Ah, the classic zombie mode of call of duty… only this edition of zombies is probably the most theatrical version you’ve ever come across. There’s an extra sense of danger when you and your friends hear the drum of your impending deaths everytime a new round begins. Zombies is known to be a thrilling experience likely to have you all screaming when the lights are turned off and the ammo from your guns run out.



  1. GTA Online

best coop games


What cant you do in the world of GTA online is the real question. With its latest update of adding a nightclub into the mix, you and your friends might end up spending the whole night in a nightclub without leaving the house. there are tons of minigames, heists, houses, cars, weapons, bunkers, and Cash to be going after in this game it may as well be a full-time job. Your and your friends will experience almost every game that is on this list in this one open world sandbox of crime.


And that concludes our list of the top five best coop games.