After yesterday’s E3 Press Conference, we were finally blessed with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel Avengers “A-Day Trailer” which showed our favorite characters in a different light, with different looks, and different outfits. In this article we will go over the some of the characters and developments discussed at E3, as well as the announced Avengers Game release date.

How many characters will be available in the New Avengers Game?

As far as we know, there is a starting line up of 5 characters. Among them are:

  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Black Widow

The characters, obviously, will bring their own spice and unique mechanics to the game offering players different play styles for each character. While these 5 will be our starting line up, we would be remiss to say that more characters would not be available in the future. Especially when the developers noted, that any DLC characters and expansions will be available to players free of charge. This is a welcome change of pace that hopefully more developers in the gaming industry will follow.

The characters will be fully customizable, with different outfits for each hero, as well as skill trees for all heroes. While the story seems to be heavily cinematic and narrative driven, There is still a huge emphasis on player choice and freedom, as we will be able to choose who take on various missions. During the game-play, players will be able to team up with as many as 3 players to make it a 4-man team.

When is the New Avengers Game Release Date?

Now this may be exciting and all, but we haven’t seen any demo game-play of the new Avengers game and the Avengers game release date is set for May 2020, with no active pre-order available yet on any platform. We have a while to wait for the game to be released, but Starkfeed is here to give you all info about everything Avengers game and more. Stay tuned!

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