Assassins Creed Odyssey Gameplay Recap | Eye for an Eye


In this Assassins Creed Odyssey Gameplay recap Markos and Alexios devise a plan to bring the Cyclops angrily out of hiding.

Markos, with his wit, advises Alexios to steal the Cyclops Obsidian Eye, a precious gem laced with gold. Markos means to sell the precious item in order to pay off the debt he owes to the Cyclops.

This leads Alexios to the Cyclops lair, where he must fight or sneak his way through the Cyclops’ house guard. Once Alexios has left he will meet with Markos again to further discuss the plan in which they will sell the eye.

However, Markos fearfully exclaims that the Cyclops is in Kephalonia as strangers have sailed to the eastern part of the island. The strangers have set up camp in an abandoned house, which is unusual for Cyclops’ men who usually are more open.

It is revealed once Alexios has dispatched these shostile strangers, that they were employed by a man named Elpenor. The air around his is eerie in the sense that he knows  more than he leads on. However, he gives Alexios a task as Misthios to retrieve the lost shroud of Penelope.

Alexios travels to Ithaka, the neighboring island, to find the shroud. He finds the shroud, along with bloodthirsty bandits.

The bandits have captured and imprisoned a woman by the name of Odessa. Once the shroud is retrieved and the bandits are dead, dialogue begins between Alexios and Odessa. She tells Alexios of her kinship to the Great Odysseus and her dream to emulate his life through adventure.

Odessa is a possible romance encounter, and she will appear later in the game with more quests to do.

Once the dialogue between Alexios and Odessa finishes, he meets with Elpenor who has another contract for Alexios, to kill the Wolf of Sparta…

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