Anthem Open Demo: All You Need to Know

Anthem Javelins
Anthem's Open Demo is out now! Here is all you need to know to have the best experience!

This weekend will host Anthem’s last demo before its launch on February 22. The open demo has been live since 12 PM EST, so if you haven’t already started it, what are you waiting for?! Below is all you will need to know for Anthem’s open demo.

If you Didn’t Already Know

Anthem is Bioware’s latest multiplayer third-person RPG. Players will take control of a freelancer, one of the many protectors of Fort Tarsis. These heroes are tasked with completing missions, bounties, and helping others with the help of Javelins. These are powerful exo-suits, each class having a different play-style and ability set.


Ranger – A support/ Attack Javelin capable of adapting to most situations. This is the most fundamental Javelin.

Collossus – The Largest Javelin capable of wielding the heaviest weapons to wreak ultimate destruction and high damage.

Interceptor – The smallest Javelin capable of high speed interceptions and on-ground maneuverability.

Storm – Storm uses elemental abilities to maintain distance from enemies.

What to Do in The Demo

In Anthem’s Open demo, players will be able to take control of these awesome javelin’s to play through two of the full games story missions.

The demo starts players off at level 10 and they will be able to level up to 15.

However, VIP demo players will be able to pick up where they left off last week. Both demo progresses will not be added to the full game though.

A portion of the map can also be explored for the players who want to take a calmer, more spoiler free approach.

Players can get into teams to do various missions around the playable world as well.

However, Strongholds, or raid instances will prove to be too difficult for one Javelin alone. In this mode, players will have to come together, complete certain objectives, and finish with an ultimate battle for awesome loot.

Check our guide on Strongholds here:

This is all you can expect in Anthem’s public demo. See you in game!

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