Anthem Guide: How To Beat Strongholds

Anthem Strongholds require teamwork and immense preparation, but the rewards are worth the effort

As you continue to fight, completing missions in the world of Anthem, you might have come across a Stronghold. These take the utmost skill and team dynamic to complete. However, the rewards from these difficult trials are more than worth it. Here is a quick guide to beat the Anthem Strongholds.

What is a Stronghold?

A Stronghold is an area for players and their teams to complete various objectives in a particular area. Once those objectives are complete the team must come together for an ultimate final showdown.

Upon successful completion, the players can head back to Fort Tarsis to claim their rewards.

Bring a Good Team

These Strongholds can not be done alone. It will take a team to clear all the objectives and the final battle.

Different Javelins create a team that is more well rounded, as different abilities open up different opportunities. However, completing Anthem Strongholds can be done with less diverse teams.

Teams with good communication will pretty much always win. Having mics increases your teams chances for success. Although, going in random teams can be done, we at Starkfeed strongly suggest having a main squad for dealing with these strongholds efficiently.

The XP earned from completing combat feats and earning medals is also given to the whole team. Essentially, the more team members completing these feats, the more opportunity to gain extra XP.

Strongholds Are Not For the Weak

Strongholds are set apart from the rest of the normal missions in the game. That being said, the rewards you can gain are also much better than loot gained from normal missions.

So as you dream about the vast rewards you will obtain from completing the stronghold, be equally cautious, considering what it will take to get there.

When completing more and more Strongholds, the rewards and XP you gain should make completing them easier.

Anthem Stronghold instances will require team collaboration and preparation. Make sure you have the necessary gear to maximize your results. See you on the battlefield!

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