Anthem: Bioware Releases New Info For Future Development

Bioware details the bugs that are to be fixed before the open demo launch this Friday

Anthem is set to release on February 22, 2019. And with its VIP demo last weekend, Anthem has shown promise, but some left to be desired. Bioware has come out with some new information, detailing the fixes they will be releasing with the open demo, which will launch this weekend.


Here are some of the things Bioware will be looking to fix in time for the open demo this weekend.

  • Entitlement bug fixes
  • Server performance updates
  • Fixes for infinite loads
  • Platform bugs to validate Javelin unlocks are being squashed
  • Client and platform login bugs

Although many of these problems affect gameplay immensely, Bioware seems to be hard at work fixing these and other underlying bugs. According to the Bioware blog post that followed last week’s VIP demo, they are doing much “to be ready for the opening rush of players on Friday.”

Bioware Still Preparing for Launch

According to Bioware’s blog post, they have been working diligently to make sure all major bugs do not see the official launch of Anthem.

Weapons with 0% infusions
Weapons with bonus that applies to different Javelins
Plot integrity / party gather issues
Changes to Javelin unlock behavior
Fixes for losing XP at end of some expeditions
Performance Improvements
Additional stability fixes
A Social Hub: The Launch Bay

These are just some of the many bug fixes that will not see the launch.

Still Too Soon

Anthem seems like its going to be a great game. Bioware seems very involved with its community, noting they are ” humbled” by the support of its players.

If Bioware holds true to its statements, the player base will greatly appreciate the care that is being put into the game.

However, with the longstanding shadow of controversy from EA hanging over Anthem, the success of the game at launch may be hindered.

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