Which MCU Character Has The Best Butt?

Which MCU Character Has The Best Butt?

Which MCU Butt Is Worthy of Being “AMERICA’S A**”?

In Avengers: Endgame, Capitan America’s butt is finally given the respect it deserves. However, by the movie’s end, Steve Rogers retires his tight-fitting hero pants. In his absence from the Marvel franchise, which Avenger’s butt will take over the title of “America’s A**”?

T’Challa – Black Panther

T'Challa - Black Panther
T’Challa – Black Panther

Obviously T-Challa has one of the best butts in the business. While T’Challa is the kind of Wakanda, which is not in America, he has an A** that transcends continents. And now that Wakanda has made itself known to the outside world, people in America will know his butt and probably Google it all the time.

Scott Lang – ANT-MAN

Scott Lang - ANT-MAN
Ant-Man – Scott Lang

Ant-Man’s butt can be reaaaaaaal big and it can be reaaaaaaal small. But no matter the size, it is an ageless, perky a** that deserves some love, attention, and gratuitous close-ups. As the man who declared Captain America’s a** to be Aericas’s, Scott Lang would make a fitting replacement.

Bucky Barnes – The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier
The Winter Soldier – Bucky Barnes

America hasn’t seen enough of Bucky’s sculpted a** because he’s been a bit busy being a robot murder man throughout most of his movies. Thankfully there will be plenty of time for Bucky Butt on the Disney+ series Falcon and Winter Soldier. Together, Bucky and Sam could be America’s A**es. This should be what the entire show is about, honestly.

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Post-snap America loves Hulk! And if America wants to take selfies with Hulk, then there’s gotta be a niche group of Hulk a** fans within the MCU who devote their lives to flooding their Twitter feeds with Hulk lust. It’s what Mark Ruffalo deserves.

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