What is Life About? What is the Purpose of Present Moment Existence?

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how to find a purpose

Do you feel lost or as if something is missing in your life? you can’t find answers for the above questions? maybe your purpose in life is bigger but you can’t make the differences that matters. There’s something holding you back? well this article should help!

The greatest two moments of your existing life are the day you are born and today. why today? you may ask, because today is the most important moment in life since it refers to the present moment.

The thing about the past and future: they are an illusion but not in the sense where they don’t exist; In the sense that they do not matter!. Our past shapes us, the differences we accumulate in living life; leads to the changes that makes us who we are.

But then how can you say this doesn’t matter?

It simply doesn’t! The focus should be on a present moment. Every thought is an energy wave that makes a vibration in the universe upon occurrence.

Energy focused on past memories is a waste of energy. Because memories are in fact only a made up image our best guess of what happened; in which can be wrong!!

We tend to beat our selfs over the past trying to find a purpose, as if we have missed it and it’s in the past. The thing is what you’re doing is like driving forward but relying on the rear view mirror to see.

The temporary satisfaction, we receive in life when we reconcile a past moment. Ones that have done damage to our existence, is the difficult way to go about it. This method is common like when the psychiatrists revisits your past and reconcile a childhood issue.

The only thing the psychiatrist do is ask you questions, but why do questions matter ?

Where is the problem is that?

When your focus in life on reconciling the past, all you are doing is wasting the present moment energy; on something that has occurred already. When you can shift your focus of this same energy, and point it at a different direction; to seek change! a future oriented change.

A purpose is not to be found, a purpose is created. It is a choice just like life. To have a purpose: is to be able create future from a present moment idea put into action. Not creating a present moment form a past one. Once you focus your thoughts and energy on positive future images of your imagination, you can create it. We have massive control over the future because we have control over the present.

“The future is a manifestation of a present moment thought put into action” -Fadinas