Top Five Marvel Superheroes Who Can Obliterate Thanos With Ease

Who does thanos fear

With the debut of Marvels newest major villain to take to the big screen it is hard to imagine the Mad Titan fearing anyone with his portrayed abilities, however, as you will learn as he did he is not the biggest fish around by any sense of the phrase. After reading this article you will be able to answer the question of who does Thanos fear ?

1. Squirrel Girl


Who does Thanos fear


With Squirrel Girl tarting this list off of the top five marvel superheroes who can defeat Thanos, the characters name itself is anything but reassuring.  As ridiculous her name is, her list of victories contain some pretty heavy hitters, not to mention the cosmic the ones. She boldly carries wins over Doctor Doom, Wolverine, Galactus, and Thanos.

Her most notable victory is that over Galactus, it is more interesting how she had done so. Instead of your familiar epic fight scenes portraying losses from both sides leading to a victorious finale, squirrel girl has managed to defeat Galactus through CONVERSATION! In wake of the universes’ eminent destruction, our hero sat upon the cosmic beings shoulder and convinced him otherwise. Nothing short of astronomical when preserving the universe with a mere conversation.

Her defeat over Thanos however unclear her method may be it is just a cannon and a reality within the marvel comics. Her powers consist of a long 3-4 feet fully organic tail, Buck teeth enabling her to bite through wood, super strength, super agility, and the foreseen ability to communicate with the fury creatures that provide squirrel girl her namesake. She managed to bring down the mad titan with her ensemble of squirrels.


2. Dormammu


Who does Thanos fear


The ruler of the Dark Dimension makes it onto this list, because he is unarguably god within his own dimension and almost all of the others. With an arsenal of mind boggling powers like the use and full control over pure mystical energy, inter dimensional travel? Yea.. Thanos doesn’t stand a chance lasting five seconds with this guy, and that’s being generous!


3. Galactus


Who does Thanos fear


The Lifebringer and Devourer of worlds is another entity who can wipe the mad Titan from existence. This behemoth bested Thanos not even batting an eye from the fraction of a fraction of energy it took him, not to mention he had the Titan begging for his life while in the hand of the Lifebringer. Galactus’ powers include control over the Power Cosmic, a cosmic force allowing him to achieve godlike tasks with ease.


4. The Living Tribunal



Who does thanos fear


The Living Tribunal, marvels most powerful character only second to the one beyond all. Who exists outside of the multiverse maintaining its cosmic balance. If Thanos and The Living Tribunal ever crossed paths with ill intent, our favorite Titan would be vanished faster than the blink of an eye, with his dissmisal leaving behind no trace he was ever kicking around in the first place.


5. Mistress Death


who does Thanos fear


The embodiment of Death itself within the Marvel Comics, Mistress Death is yet another enemy capable of defeating the mad titan within a blink of an eye, er, lack there of. Her full control over death itself would grant her the ability to end Thanos’s life just by her willing it.  She is so immeasurably powerful she has only been defeated by the one above all (The God Above Marvel) whose name alone is petrifying.



If Theres any other Marvel Beings, you feel, could answer the question “who does Thanos fear?” or who can obliterate him,  and should deserve a spot on this list comment them down below.


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