Top 10 Absolutely Savage Drive Thru Pranks

Drive Thru Pranks
Drive Thru Pranks

Pranks are awesome and fun and it’s filled with hilarious drive thru pranks. YouTube was taken over by the comedy channels from 2017 till today. Pranks become so popular that once the entire YouTube’s trending section was only filled with prank videos. In 2018 there was online survey launched to determine the type of prank people wanted to see or the type of a prank they have already saw. The survey would determine the most viral section of the prank.

There were two of the most popular picks out out of 8 different choices.

The following were the choices: 

  • Scary Pranks 
  • Public Pranks 
  • Gold Digger Pranks 
  • Drive Thru Pranks 
  • Celebrity Pranks 
  • Girlfriend, Boyfriend Pranks 
  • Magic Pranks 
  • College Pranks 

The survey determined that Gold Digger Pranks and Drive Thru Pranks were the top pick by audience in years of 2017-2018. So here we have put together the video top 10 absolutely savage but best drive thru pranks compilation.


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