Rick Ross Offered Nipsey a Deal Before His Death

Rick Ross and Nipsey Hustle

The biggest boss we’ve seen thus far is circling back on his career this summer. This month, Rich Ross dropped ‘Port of Miami 2,’ the long-awaited sequel to his 2006 debut. Ahead of its arrival, the Miami rapper connected with TMZ to discuss the project, his near-death experience last year, his dealings with the late Nipsey, and more.

Rick Ross had been promising ‘Port of Miami 2‘ for years before he finally delivered it this summer. ‘When you making records,’ it has to be some form of inspiration and motivation for myself,’ the rapper said. He explained that over the course of making the album, only recently did he feel like he accomplished what he wanted to with it.

He said that his idea to do a sequel record was connected in part to the double albums dropped by late legends like ‘2 Pac and Big.’ Ross said that he wanted his project to be elevated and impactful on a similar level. Rather than packaging two discs together, though, he stretched two across different decades.

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is featured alongside Denzel Curry on ‘Running the Streets,’ a record about the downsides of living a fast life. Rick Ross said that an artist of his stature has an obligation to share the spotlight with younger rappers rather than just ‘reaching out to my biggest homies.’

The rapper recalled the episode in March 2018 that left him hospitalized for days. Ross remembers waking up in the hospital with his close friends around him and surprising them by rising from the bed to prove that he was still living. ‘It most definitely made me re-evaluate and approach some things even more directly than I ever have,’ he said.

Ross explained that while he wasn’t born epileptic, he’s suffered from seizures due to recreational drug use and a lack of sleep. ‘I just had to really get a grip on my lifestyle and the way I was living,’ Ross admitted, describing how his hospitalization changed his outlook. The rapper said his doctor had encouraged him before the episode to get more steady sleep.

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The ‘Hustling’ artist said that his near-death experience inspired him to write a memoir, ‘Hurricanes,’ which is due out September. ‘That’s something that I’m pretty sure I may not have done if I didn’t wake up in the hospital with a bunch of homies, end up talking about a bunch of things.’

The rapper said ‘I pray my homie had an idea of the scale he took his vision to.’ He added that the last conversation he had with Nipsey, who was shot dead in his hometown of Los Angeles in March, was about the video for ‘Rich N**a Lifestyle,’ their collaboration that appears on ‘Port of Miami 2.’ Teyana Taylor is also featured on the song.

The rapper said that Teyana Taylor called him to tell him about Nipsey being shot. Ross said that when he picked up the phone, he’d assumed it was a call about the video the three were making for their song together. He explained that his usual reaction to shocking news is to ‘push the reset button’ and clarify what he’s hearing.

‘Everything he’s ever done, every word, every conversation we ever shared means that much more now,’ Rosay said. Nipsey had shouted Ross out on ‘Blue Laces 2,’ a highlight from his critically acclaimed 2018 album, ‘Victory Lap.’ In the wake of the Los Angeles rapper’s death, Ross feels that the things he gave to the world are truly priceless.

He revealed in his conversation with a recent interview with Complex that he’d wanted to sign Nipsey Hussle to a record deal via his Maybach Music Group imprint. ‘Ultimately, I offered him a deal at MMG and the timing wasn’t right,’ Ross said. Despite the two rappers not arriving at a contract, Rick Ross maintains that they’d stayed close over the years.

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Much of the talk around Rick Ross’s new album has centered on Pusha-T, who was slated to appear on ‘Maybach Music VI’ next to longtime foe Lil Wayne. The verse didn’t make the album, sparking rampant speculation about its absence. Ahead of the album’s release, Rick Ross told Complex that he’d sent the instrumental to Wayne and Push separately, suggesting each didn’t know the other was on it.

Rozay and Drizzy have a history of making magic together, so it’s not a stretch to imagine them collaborating on a joint project. When asked about collaborating on a joint project. When asked about the possibility of them dropping a collab album together, Ross was open to it, saying they’d spoken about such a venture years back. Could it still happen, though? ‘Most definitely,’ according to Ross.