Nicki Minaj Claims She Is Retiring To Begin Her Family Causing Fans To Panic


Is this the actual thing? “I have decided to retire & have my loved ones. I understand you guys are happy today. In my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da departure of me, from the box- cuz is not no one checkin me. But they are unhappy.

“PLEASE DON’T PLAY WITH ME at this time,” one fan responded for her tweet, begging Nicki to continue rapping. “Onika I vow if you do not state’sike,'” a different hockey enthusiast, who dealt Nicki with her actual name, composed. “Nicki, cease this is not funny I am not ready with this particular rn,” a single Barbz penis added. And, similar tests to people continue to pour in from fans all over the world.

Nicki’s bombshell confession came only a couple weeks after she disclosed her Queen Radio series, August 12, she and boyfriend, Kenneth Petty revived the union license they originally acquired in June. In the time Nicki declared they had revived their marriage license, she said she’d 80 days left to tie the knot with Kenneth, or they would have to submit an application for a new marriage license. Even though it’s unclear when both are actually wed, Nicki recently altered her Twitter screen name from”Ms. Minaj” to” Mrs. Petty”.

Many fans are confused over Nicki’s claim that she is retiring in music, watching as she has discussed a forthcoming record. During precisely the exact same event of her Queen Radio (mentioned previously ), the rapper explained,”I will be wed before my record comes out, but may have my marriage after the record comes out. Ahead of the 90 days is finished, yes, I’ll be married.” She added,”I am quite happy about that since my baby makes me happy.” She made their love Instagram official in December, using a set of photographs that revealed them cuddled up together in Turks and Caicos. HollywoodLife achieved to some representative for Nicki Minaj and didn’t get a direct response.