NBA Star Clint Capela Says LeBron James Ain’t An L.A. Legend Yet

clint capela


Simply committing to the Lakers as one of the greatest basketball players of all time does NOT mean LeBron James is already an L.A. legend — so says NBA star Clint Capela.

We got the Houston Rockets center leaving Il Pastaio in Bev Hills on Sunday and just had to ask … should LBJ already be mentioned with Kobe, Magic, and Shaq in Lakers’ lore now?!

“A legend in L.A.? I mean, he’s going to have to prove a little bit. At least a little something.”

Interesting comments from Clint … considering he’s a restricted free agent who reportedly met with the Lakers about possibly signing an offer sheet just hours before the King’s commitment.

Maybe not the best way to get Bron to make the Lakers shell out more cash for him … but could there be some reverse psychology going on here from Clint?!

We’ll see …


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