Retired Porn Star Mia Khalifa Made Only $12K During her Career?

Mia Khalifa

It would seem it is true that renowned and retired adult film actress Mia Khalifa made only a sum of $12,000 in her whole 3 month long career beginning in late 2014, and ending in early 2015.

Reaching the height of her popularity so early in her adult film career, Khalifa received a lot of criticism for her video which portrayed her having relations while wearing a hijab, which is considered to be a very traditional religious garb. While many of her critics were religious figures, especially in the nation of her ethnicity: Lebanon, Khalifa seemed to view it more as a piece of satire, giving the idea that muslims in Hollywood could are portrayed worse than in the porn industry.

However, even after she quit the porn industry in 2015, she is still ranked number 2 on Pornhub and xHamster released in 2018 that Mia Khalifa was the most searched actress on the webiste. Her past is something she will always be known for, especially after doing it the way she did.But what was the reason she only made $12,000?

From her porn career which lasted 3 months, she only garnered about $12,000, but her work left no small impression on her social media presence as she used that to make money before resorting to other jobs as a sports commentator and book keeper.