LeBron James Will Win Championship With Lakers, Says John Salley

lebron james


Plan the parade … with LeBron James in L.A., the Lakers are takin’ down the Warriors and winning a ring … so says 4x NBA champ, John Salley.

Salley knows how to win — he won 4 ‘ships with 3 different organizations — and says LBJ’s Lakers have the firepower to take down Steph Curry and Kevin Durant‘s Warriors … and whoever the hell comes outta the East.

“It’s destined to happen. It’s gonna happen. Period.”

How ’bout tix for the soon-to-be champs? J.S. says LBJ makes the Lakers the hottest ticket the town has ever seen … hotter than when Kobe and Shaq did their thing … hotter than Magic‘s Showtime Lakers.

In fact, Salley wants his hands on those tix so bad, he got King James a welcome gift … let’s just hope the NBA ain’t listening.


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