Who said a kid couldn’t be successful?! These top ten kid youtubers are making strides as some of the biggest names amongst our youth today! Usually making their millions of subs with toy reviews, songs, and vlogs.

Who are the top 10 Kid Youtubers?

  • Naiah and Ellie Toy Show
  • Haileys Magical Playhouse
  • Hulyan Maya
  • B2CuteCupcakes
  • BabyTeeth4
  • EthanGamer
  • Kids Diana Show
  • Kids’ Toys
  • Even Tube HD
  • Ryan ToysReview

Naiah and Ellie Toy Show

Naiah and Ellie are two talented YouTubers who make toy parody videos. With the help of their mom and friends, they make skits and do unboxing videos!

Hailey’s Magical Playhouse

With over 1.7 million subscribers and over 1.3 billion views, Hailey’s Magical Playhouse creates content for kids in the form of nursery rhymes, kids songs and pretend skits!

Hulyan Maya

Hulyan Maya’s channel is “all fun, playtime, and adventures.” A family run channel, they have been creating kids content since 2008, and have been featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America.


B2cuteCupcakes started her journey on youtube 5 years ago, and as her channel grew, so did she. But that doesn’t make her videos any less fun to watch. With try-on videos, reviews and blogs, she is producing content that anyone can enjoy!


Featuring two sisters named Jillian and Addie starring in fun skits, movies, vlogs, and reviews. Alongside their father, they create content for kids everywhere to enjoy!


With over 2.4 million subscribers Ethan creates fun gaming content for kids. With an emphasis on having fun over being good, he inspires kids everywhere to share in the fun!

Kid’s Diana Show

Kid’s Diana Show is a youtube channel with over 27 million subscribers. And while her youtube channel is huge, she is simply having fun making toy reviews, playing with dolls, making skits, and vlogging. If you have a little girl, she would love this channel!

Kids’ Toys

Toys! Toys! Toys! If your children all about toys then they are really going to love this channel. Share the journey of these two girls as they play with toys from around the world!


Boasting toys, challenges, videogames, and science experiments, EvanTubeHD provides kid-friendly content in a super fun and entertaining way. Be sure to add him to your subscriptions list!

Ryan’s ToysReview

Probably the most well known on YoutubeKids is Ryan’s ToysReview with over 19 million subscribers. Although he is now on Nickelodeon with his own show, he still has and makes super fun content for kids alongside his mom and dad!

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