Jennelle Eliana – From 0 to 1 Million Subscribers In 3 Weeks

Jennelle Eliana
Jennelle Eliana

Who Is Jennelle Eliana?

Jennelle Eliana is a YouTube-Personality living the van life, documenting her daily life on YouTube. Eliana has managed to amass over 1.6 million subscribers in just three weeks breaking the YouTubes all-time high.

How did Jennelle Eliana get so many subscribers?

Jennelle didn’t do it by posting every day, like your average YouTuber in fact, she passed the 1-million subscribers by producing only two videos.

It is a common technique to produce high-quality content and to consistently post it on your YouTube channel. This is the secret of many famous YouTubers who have built successful YouTube channels but this case is different, said YouTube expert Fadi Nassour.

Eliana posted her first video on June 26, and it has since then has garnered more than 7 million views. Soon after she posted the second video on July 11 which now has suppressed 12 million views and Her 3rd video, which is a Q&A about her and her YouTube success, was posted on July 26 and has almost 4 million views just a few days later.

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What is Jennelle Eliana’s net worth?

Jennelle Eliana’s net worth is estimated at $1.1 million. She earns from Google Adsense.

The net worth states are based on the data pulled from SocialBlade.

Jennelle Eliana Sub Count Live

Jennelle Eliana
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