Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Faked Their Marriage Just To Get More Views

Jake Paul Fake Wedding
Tana Mongeau says wedding to Jake Paul was just for the views

YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have been accused of staging their wedding after Mongeau admitted that they faked their wedding for “fun and content”.

According to the Las Vegas city records, they did not obtained the wedding license for their live-streamed wedding ceremony.

Paul, 22 and Mongeau, 21, couple walked down the aisle right in front of hundreds of fans and news reporters who were all personally invited to attend the wedding ceremony.

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Mongeau told the media at the latest episode of her TV Show, “Tana Turns 21” that Jake Paul didn’t get a license to marry her and wedding was just a publicity stunt to increase the popularity of YouTube stars.

Also the couple charged their online followers $49.99 to watch the wedding ceremony live on Sunday, which was also part of the MTV channel.

But, there was not only the legal paperwork filed at the city, their wedding officiant, close friend Arman Lzadi, was also not licensed to officially conduct the wedding ceremony in the Las Vegas, Nevada.