Bad endings are definitely a thing in ‘IT Chapter Two’

IT Chapter 2

Early on in it Chapter Two it’s revealed that Losers’ Club leader Bill (James McAvoy) is a successful novelist with a reputation for writing ba endings. This fact about Bill is not just a fun detail, but actually a wink to the audience.

Bill is one of Stephen King’s characters that stands out as a fairly obvious avatar for the author for one reason in particular: Both men have let certain readers down with the ways they’ve chosen to wrap up their stories. So it’s particularly delightful to see King make a cameo appearance as the character that disparages Bill’s writing.

It should also be noted that it has one of King’s most controversial book endings, and many fans wondered how the movie would handle those final moments. ‘It Chapter Two’ definitely departs from the original finale — but did it manage to make a good ending?

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